Arizona Criminal Defense Lawyer

If you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, you need an experienced defense attorney. At Nava Law, we understand what's at stake and we're here to help. After all, at this stressful moment, the last thing you need is a sales pitch. What you need is someone who will answer your questions, explain your options and give you confidence.

Compassionate Defense

Armando Nava has successfully defended hundreds of cases during his career. Following his excellent record at a large law firm here in the Valley, he chose to start an individual practice in order to give each case the personal attention every defendant deserves.

Empowering Clients

A legal expert is your ally in justice. Few people possess the legal expertise or experience to navigate court proceedings, which only adds anxiety to an already stressful experience. With Armando Nava, you'll stay informed at every step as he handles your case and protects your rights.


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  • If you are charged of a DUI, stop reading reviews and hire Mr. Nava!  I can not say enough good things from his professionalism to fighting for his clients.  After meeting with Mr. Nava, I decided to hire him because of his knowledge and ability to explain the situation to me.  I was debating even getting an attorney and am so pleased with the results that Mr. Nava was able to get. He listened attentively to my story and dug into my file to find errors in the blood testing. ...
  • As most know a domestic violence situation can be a very difficult and emotional time being that it does involve loved ones. In this time I was so glad when Armando was referred to me, I had never been through any of the court systems or anything to do with the law prior to this incident. Armando made the best of it, he helped me through my case and kept me informed on all my court dates, as I work two jobs and have a busy schedule so that was...


  • Armando was an excellent advocate on my behalf during my trial proceedings. Each step of the way he took time and effort to make sure I was aware of each detail. He never hesitated to pick up the phone to discuss anything related to the matter. Additionally, he was able to achieve a desirable outcome for the case. I would highly recommend Armando for anyone who needs a truly talented professional to represent them.
  • I hired Mr. Nava after an OUI in La Paz county. Through his diligence and networking, he secured a more than favorable outcome. The hurdles that Mr. Nava overcame in the antiquated courts of La Paz county were staggering. He and his team did a great job at satisfying the outrageous weekly demands of the court. Mr. Nava is a flourishing attorney and I continue to recommend him to others.
  • I’ve known Mr. Nava for approximately five years, Specifically his dedication to clients, advocacy in the courtroom And desire to keep learning are quite impressive. He is passionate about criminal defense and wants the best for his clients. We need more lawyers like him in practice.


  • Armando Nava represented me on a DUI case. During this stressful and uncertain time, his consultation explained to me every step of the process and the strengths and weaknesses of my case. I retained him early in the process and he wasted no time building my case. His firm did a great job of keeping me informed of every action he was taking to advance my case. Within a month of my arraignment the prosecutor was negotiating a deal. Armando knew our likelihood of success at trial and my interest...
  • Mando was a tenacious lawyer. During a difficult dwi case where I was confused and overwhelmed, Mando kept me at ease and guided me through a difficult situation. He responded quickly to any phone call questions I had and was able to get me an offer I thought I had no shot at. I would have no problem recommending him to any friend that needs a good lawyer in their corner during a dwi case.
  • Armando and I are colleagues from a past law firm. I knew he was a great attorney from the reviews of his clients. Recently, I had to hire him on a personal level. He did a awesome job defending my daughter. Armando was always there to answer questions or calm her fears, even after hours. I would highly recommend Armando to anyone. He is a great attorney and even better friend! Thanks Armando!!!

    Renae Willems

  • I have used Armando Nava twice now on 2 different DUIs. He is a great and extremely professional and caring guy. He explained very option and situation to me in depth. And was able to get me the best outcomes of both of my DUIs. I will and do recommend him to anyone I know that needs assistance with legal issues.


  • Excellent attorney who I have known since he began practicing. He dedicates himself to his clients and defending their Constitutional rights! Always fighting, always getting better! Mando is a force to be reckoned with!

    Mark D. Dubiel

  • Mr Nava represented my daughter through some pretty serious charges. I have no words to express how grateful I am for the wonderful job he did. I had a lot of questions and concerns having never gone thru anything like this but Armando always took the time to explain and never showed anything but care and concern. My family and I would all highly recommend Armando and the entire firm.


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