Federal Prosecutor Resigns Over Misconduct

[15-July-17 8:15:00]
Recently, I wrote about the problem of prosecutor misconduct. Now, a case out of Leavenworth prison demonstrates why we need a proactive approach to prosecutorial accountability....
What happens if I’m arrested for a Drug DUI?

What happens if I’m arrested for a Drug DUI?

[14-June-17 3:26:52]
DUI is most commonly associated with alcohol. Most people are surprised to find out that DUI laws encompass impairment by drugs as well. “Even prescription...

How to Deal With Unethical Prosecutors

[7-June-17 18:08:29]
A colleague from Berkley School of Law recently shared his research paper, “Using Deterrence Theory to Promote Prosecutorial Accountability.” This has been a hot topic...

Did President Trump Commit a Federal Crime?

[13-May-17 22:55:22]
President Trump made headlines yet again for a tweet. Despite how common that sentence is nowadays, this particular tweet made headlines due to its criminal...


DUI Help

[6-October-16 21:52:15]
Driving Under the Influence is one of the most commonly committed crimes in the United States. Unfortunately, because this crime is so common, many people...

We’re Here to Help!

[6-October-16 21:46:21]
If you’re browsing the web for a Criminal Defense or DUI Attorney things probably aren’t going so well. You’ve either been arrested, received a criminal...