Shoplifting and Civil Demand Letters

[29-November-17 16:29:47]
Shoplifting may seem like a minor crime, but retailers feel differently. The warning signs posted around dressing rooms, restrooms, and exits should not be taken...

Avoid DUI Charges This Holiday Season

[15-November-17 16:30:27]
During the holiday season, you’re likely to go to more family gatherings and social functions than usual. Police are aware of the seasonal pattern, and...

What Really Causes Mass Incarceration?

[29-October-17 16:38:12]
In a new book, law professor John Pfaff unpacks the standard story of what causes mass incarceration in the United States. Prison overcrowding, racial disparities,...

American vs. Scandinavian Prisons

[16-October-17 16:47:35]
If you’ve been convicted of a crime and sentenced to a term in prison, your quality of life is going to diminish drastically. That’s just...
New Court Decision on A.R.S. § 28-672

New Court Decision on A.R.S. § 28-672

[26-September-17 1:11:55]
Just last week, the Arizona Court of Appeals ruled that A.R.S. § 28-672 violations are strict liability offenses which warrant no jury trial. Phoenix City...

Who Do Police Body Cameras Help?

[20-September-17 20:40:50]
Over the past few years, the use of body cameras on police officers has become more and more commonplace. The introduction of cameras has made it...

Why Are Arizona DUI Laws So Strict?

[13-September-17 20:34:25]
Here in Arizona, the justice system can be very strict, especially when it comes to our DUI laws. Because of this, a single mistake on...
TED Talk: How Reliable Is Your Memory?

TED Talk: How Reliable Is Your Memory?

[8-September-17 23:30:27]
TED Talk: How Reliable Is Your Memory? What do you truly remember? Are your memories as accurate as you believe? Should your memory be used...
Federal Prosecutor Resigns Over Misconduct

Federal Prosecutor Resigns Over Misconduct

[15-July-17 8:15:00]
Recently, I wrote about the problem of prosecutor misconduct. Now, a case out of Leavenworth prison demonstrates why we need a proactive approach to prosecutorial accountability....